Colin Beveridge

Maths, clearly

Hello! I'm Colin, your friendly local mathematician. I solve awkward problems, especially ones relating to maths, code and technology.

I'm interested to learn about the kinds of difficulties faced by companies in Weymouth, and how I might be able to help solve them.

This survey is anonymous by default (there is no tracking, and nobody will see the answers apart from me). There is space at the end for you to leave contact details if you'd like to talk about how I can help you.

All questions are optional - if a question doesn't apply to you, or you don't want to answer, please feel free to leave it blank.

Thank you for your time and insight!

Do you use custom or legacy code?

If so, tell me more (mainly so I can geek out about it!) Who maintains it? What happens when it goes wrong? How up-to-date is the documentation?

What frustrates you about the computer, or makes you shout at it?

For example, do you often get unexplained errors? Is documentation unhelpful or incomplete? Does it give incorrect answers?

What kinds of bottlenecks do you have in your processes or systems?

What slows your business down? Does someone have to spend time copying/pasting data between applications? Are there forms that ought to be filled in automatically rather than manually? Do you have data that isn't turned into insights?

What do your engineers or technical colleagues complain about?

(I mean, other than coffee. Engineers always complain about coffee.)

Is there anything else you wish I'd asked, or that you'd like to discuss further?

If you leave your contact details, I'll get in touch with you as promptly as I can!

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