Colin Beveridge

Maths, clearly

Following a suggestion from Derek Sivers, I figured it would be good to give an idea of what I’m working on at the moment and try to update it every month.

January 2021

We’re back in (practically) full lockdown, so this month is largely devoted to the care and education of my children. I might also be writing a book, but don’t tell anyone.

November-December 2020

As well as AMSP, I am doing Matt’s Advent Calendar and the Advent of Code, while trying to make more mathematical sense of the Rubik’s Cube.

October 2020

On top of the AMSP work and Category Theory, I’m writing some textbook questions and coding up a little library to help with some amateur cryptography.

September 2020

I’m currently working on some A-Level Further Maths resources on calculus for the AMSP to help teachers expand what they’re able to teach. I’ve also started studying Programming with Categories in an attempt to move my Haskell abilities from “I can sometimes hack a thing together” to “I can write nice, working code”.