Colin Beveridge

Maths, clearly

Following a suggestion from Derek Sivers, I figured it would be good to give an idea of what I’m working on at the moment and try to update it every month.

October 2021

Go appears to be the way forward! I’m enjoying the development work, and there’s some maths on the back-end to keep me interested.

September 2021

The children are back at school and I’ve picked up an exciting contracting role as a Go developer. This is probably more surprising to me than it is to you.

August 2021

It’s a childcare-focussed month while the kids are on their summer break, but I’m handling the difficulties that come with my webhost closing its doors and needing to transfer All The Things. The problem-solving project is still on the move… glacially… but starting to get somewhere.

July 2021

Much the same as last month, but a little further along: the APT articles is submitted, the book is coming along (and has grown to possibly include a website and an email course) and there’s one more AMSP video to do!

June 2021

I’m still working on the book — a short guide to mathematical problem-solving — and making good progress. I’m also writing an article for the Aperiodical about almost Pythagorean triples and developing some videos for AMSP. Plus, of course, helping people out.

May 2021

This month, around my childcare commitments, I’m working on the outline of a book (and helping people out as much as I can whenever I can.)

April 2021

In April, I am working on building my freelancing and consultancy business, and trying to keep a balance between work and family commitments.

March 2021

This month, I am sharpening up my Python and SQL skills, catching up on some writing and video work for AMSP, and trying to get my other website at working exactly as I want it to.

February 2021

We’re still in homeschool hiatus, and the idea of trying to anything significant alongside that currently feels laughable.

January 2021

We’re back in (practically) full lockdown, so this month is largely devoted to the care and education of my children. I might also be writing a book, but don’t tell anyone.

November-December 2020

As well as AMSP, I am doing Matt’s Advent Calendar and the Advent of Code, while trying to make more mathematical sense of the Rubik’s Cube.

October 2020

On top of the AMSP work and Category Theory, I’m writing some textbook questions and coding up a little library to help with some amateur cryptography.

September 2020

I’m currently working on some A-Level Further Maths resources on calculus for the AMSP to help teachers expand what they’re able to teach. I’ve also started studying Programming with Categories in an attempt to move my Haskell abilities from “I can sometimes hack a thing together” to “I can write nice, working code”.