"Colin brings extreme professionalism, incredible mathematical aptitude, and just the right amount of humour to everything he does. Opportunities to work with him are both a joy and a privilege"

I solve mathematical problems.

I love digging deep into a problem to figure out what, exactly, is holding you up and how, exactly, to fix it.

And I love writing code to fix it.

Case study: Autonomous underwater vehicles

(I'm limited about what I can say publicly about this project.)

How do you teach a submarine to dock itself safely? A local marine technology company asked for help in designing software allowing an AUV to locate itself and plan the most efficient route to its docking station.

Using Bayesian statistics and geometry algorithms in Python, I came up with an efficient and elegant solution.

Case study: Options trading

(I'm very limited about what I can say in public about this project.)

A small Silicon Valley quant firm brought me on to improve their trading algorithms. It turned out the problem was not with the algorithms, but with execution speed; I developed and built a range of tools for parsing data and trading automatically in Go. The fact that Weymouth is about 18 light milliseconds from New York became important knowledge.

Case study: Sports science

I'm sure I asked (at least once) during my degree when we were ever going to use vector calculus in real life. Well, if you're a sports scientist who has applied accelerometers to various parts of a cyclist's leg so you can study how quickly their knees bend in different circumstances, then it's the exact tool you need for the job. I figured out a mathematical model that would work and implemented an Excel spreadsheet that fit the client's existing workflow.

Contact Me

If you'd like to discuss a project or have any questions, you can reach me by email: colin@colinbeveridge.co.uk