Colin Beveridge

Maths, clearly

Hire me!

If you’d like me to write something for you, that’s great! Here are the things I’ll need to know before I can commit to writing for you.

Who is it for?

This is really two questions:

  • who is asking for the work?, and
  • who will be reading it?

I’d like to know a bit about you and your organisation – while I’m something of a gun for hire, I do like to make sure I’m at least vaguely in agreement with the goals of the publications I write for.

It’s also helpful for me to know a bit about the audience I’m writing for – what level of maths can I expect them to have? How formal do they expect things to be? Do I get to write jokes?

What topic?

It is significantly easier for me to write an article about a given topic than to write an article about whatever I like. You have a better idea than I do of what your audience will like – please let me know the topic, theme or title you have in mind!

How long does it need to be?

Again, I appreciate guidance here – a 5,000-word essay would obviously take much longer than a 200-word aside, and knowing how much writing you want means I can give you a realistic schedule.

What’s the deadline?

The longer the lead time, the more likely I am to be able to help. Conversely, the sooner you need it, the more I’ll need to charge.

What’s the fee?

Occasionally – if I know and like you, or if you’re asking on behalf of an organisation I want to support – I might be able to waive my fee.

Generally, offer me what you think is fair for a piece of the length, complexity and lead time you have in mind. If I agree, and can fit it in, I’ll be happy to write for you!

To commission me to write something, please email me: